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MindplaceIncorporate modern technology with ancient healing practices of Greece, India, Shamans and Romans.  New mind-machines.com can help you change your brain, change your mind, change your life.  Trust your inner wisdom.  Ancient shamanic and healing practices included the use of light and sound, various plants and herbal remedies, relaxation, music, meditation and various touch - energy - body work techniques.

  • Mindmachines -- Mindplace - has been in business since 1988.  new-mindmachines has sold Mindplace mindmachines for almost 20 years.  Only two returns in 20 years.  Once because it was a gift and the person didn't want it and once because the person had buyers remorse.  Now that is a record!!!  Mindplace audio visual brain entraining mind machines are reliable, provide continual performance and are guaranteed.  In this day and age not too many companies can meet the same high quality performance standards, company longevity and a continuous internet presence. 
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Girls Just Want to Have Fun - shop till you drop.  Everything and anything a woman could want.  No more looking for a parking space, no more walking thru dark parking lots, no more tired feet.  Shop on line for everything you want.



  • Biofeedback devices - real time state of the art interactive biofeedback training for adults, children and seniors at home, work, school and travel. 


  • Hemi-Sync Catalog - Hemi-Sync is a product of the Monroe Institute that contains binaural beats, music and on some recordings and verbal guidance for adults and children.  Hemi-Sync does not contain subliminal messages.


  • Hypnosis downloads and CDs for adults and children.  Plus on line hypnotherapy training courses.


All major religions consider the body a temple - a sacred place there the Holy Ghost/Spirit, the essence of God/Krishna/the Buddha nature resides.  As such it is wise to consume natural foods, liquids, herbs and natural healing remedies.  Your body is also a wonder machine, the most advanced computer known to mankind.  Begin today to treat your body with the same care, concern and consideration that you would give to your most expensive electronic equipment.  Learn about healthy eating.

All major religious/spiritual sites are kept clean and given the highest level of admiration, respect and contemplation.  Begin today to make your home and work place a temple - a place of safety, security, serenity and admiration.  Learn about creating a personal temple - healthy, peaceful physical environment at home, work or when traveling.


NOTE:  Products on this site are not intended to replace diagnosis and treatment of any medical disease or condition.